Carter's Cold Brew


Stay more hydrated with the same drinks you love. Unlike any other product, Buoy is meant to be squeezed into all kinds of drinks without compromising taste, and with no sugar, calories, carbs, or artificial ingredients.

“Buoy was formulated with a smaller amount of electrolytes per serving than most other products so you can use it safely throughout the day and enjoy consistent, increased hydration levels.” - Dr. Lianli Li, PhD

Developed by a pharmaceutical expert. Recommended by nutritionists, doctors, and wellness coaches.

Take Buoy with you to the coffee shop, gym, and even the bar. Pack it for camping and hiking trips. And yep, Buoy is cleared to fly.

• 1+ BILLION impressions
• Pre-sale - sold out in 18 minutes
• Official Release - sold out in 6 days


Senior Copywriter: Laci Mosier

Art Director: Brad Wethington

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